Is the Cleanliness of your PC affecting Performance?

This hdd has been collecting dust since 2009. I have said it more than once, dust kills computers. We provide a cleaning service, either in our workshop or onsite.

Have you got an Issue that noone else can solve?

If it has a computer inside it running Windows or another O/S chances are pretty good we can fix it.
This photo booth was a nice little repair, all imaged and fixed in a day, Including some very obscure device drivers.


There isnt a job that is too big or too confusing!

Extend your Wifi Signal?

We get a lot of questions about how to extend WiFi access across large commercial sites, outdoor, home and other public area's. Unifying WiFi allows a wireless signal to mutliple devices and area's from one management console. This can include guest access with controls on download rates and time restrictions.
Any questions, feel free to call.

Industrial Job......onsite?

problematic? other techs wouldnt take it on?

How many guys does it take to get me power to a PC ? Working in the engine room on the MV Liloa.
I have two more engineers running around testing circuit breakers